The Riviera Maya, also known to some as the ' Mayan Riviera' is a 147 kilometer coastline that runs from Puerto Morelos to Tulum in the province of Quintana Roo on edge of the Mexican Caribbean. This area is Mexico's most eastern state in the country and became famous in the 1970's when Cancun became a popular vacation destination. The Riviera Maya is part of the Mexican Caribbean which describes the entire Caribbean coast of Mexico from Cancun down to Quintana Roo's capital city of Chetumal, and the southern border with Belize, Central America. The island of Cozumel, Mexico's largest island, which is also part of the Mayan Riviera.

The area was first inhabited and settled by the Mayan Culture and was invaded by the Spanish in the early 1500's where history was destroyed by the invasion. The mayans continued to settle in the area, after the Spanairds left to other areas of Mexico, and have contributed to the rich cultural history that is so prominent in the area. Mayans Ruins, artists, spiritual leaders and small villages are within the area, and mix with the new found development of local cities, tourist attractions and discovery of the jungles riches.

Though a young area to tourists, travellers, historians and aerchologists have been visting the area for decades in hopes to understand the Mayan culture, its spiritual practices and the secrets this community holds so close to its heart. The diversity of the area is becoming famous, as it provides vacationers, travellers and residents a very interesting and educational stay when they choose to graviate to the area. All cities ont he coast are fishing villages, each with their own flavor and flare. When travelling to this area of Mexico, it is favored to find one city as your vaction destination and then make day trips to each area to find the magic of the Riviera Maya.

  • Puerto Morelos is a small beach community that thrives due to the development of small hotels, small businesses and its intimate community. Its highlights are the National Marine Park, a great multi language book store and the friendly residents who work together to make this village interesting.
  • Playa del Carmen is a chic pueblo turned city that has grown over the past decade. It highlights are 5th Avenue the pedestrian walkway filled with shops, restaurants and interesting people, the clear blue waters and variety of beach clubs which are active during the day for visitors, and its international community that makes the city thrive.
  • Puerto Adventuras is a residential marina where boats and people exist harmoniously. This uniquely designed area is a series of condos, small boutiques and fishing outlets that work together to make this area of the Mexican Caribbean a water odessey. Its highlight is the marina, an area where yachts, sailboats and other marine vessels park.
  • Akumal is a residential beach community known as the place of the turtles due to the amount of turtles living and breeding in the area. Its highlights are the shore snorkeling where you are guaranteed to see sea turtles, its white sandy beachs and its community of vacationers and residents who have created this the chill factor in this area.
  • Tulum is a beach paradise and active mayan community that has becoming a popular destination to many. Its highlights are open beaches, yoga centers and eco lodges that stay true to environmental practices and the Tulum Ruins, the only Mayan ruins that were built on the ocean.